Building Information Modeling

FCI's ability to provide Building Information Modeling on your project will provide several important benefits to your project:


  • The building will be pre-coordinated for multiple trade installations before the construction begins which will improve the efficiency of fabrication and installation of building elements in conjunction with one another.  This will reduce the risk of product clashing; identifying, inspecting and reporting any interference in the 3D model, then shifting placement as needed in design.


  • The ability to envision construction projects before final designs are developed allows the design and construction team, as well as the client to make sound decisions during the early planning phases.


  • Being able to incorporate finishes, furnishings, and equipment into the model assists in the space planning and interior design of the building prior to purchasing materials.


  • At the end of your project you will have a three dimensional, as built, electronic representation of the building.  This will prove to be extremely useful in the coordination of maintenance and to provide future information regarding the structure.